Sadie Bingham, MSW, LICSW
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    About Me...Do you have a minute?

    I specialize in anxiety & also get it at the gut level.

    I’ve also practiced & studied Buddhism for over 10 years. I’ve been through & seen a lot. The truth is I’ve worked with fear (AKA anxiety) from a very young age. I have felt afraid for much of my life. It has been a long journey of healing & self-discovery. Now as an adult, I have made peace with this part of my identity. It no longer feels like something I need to conquer or feel ashamed of but instead just another part of the human experience that I am deeply curious about & ultimately grateful for.

    How did I heal?

    Well, I have been in therapy on & off throughout my life, starting when I was 16 years old. I believe this early intervention was crucial to set me on the trajectory of healing, curiosity, mindfulness & spirituality. When I was 23 years old I hit a breaking point in my life. I knew physically I could no longer continue operating through falsehoods such as constant anxiety in my system, avoidance, repression & perfectionism. I went back to my therapist & got to work in a different way. This time I was ready to learn & heal – not just hope to “feel better.”  I began studying Buddhism and was re-introduced to my body through yoga, meditating & going on solo silent meditation retreats. I have never looked back & I am beyond grateful for that initial relationship with my therapist that opened this way of living up to me.

    So what have I learned?

    I have discovered that true wisdom is in the felt experience not in the intellectualizing of the experience. It’s through being fully present & committed to learning about our experiences & phases that bring us lifelong insights. This process gets us closer to a meaningful life & a liberated heart. When we start on this journey, we feel lots of fear, but we work with fear entirely differently, there is an understanding that fear is a part of the journey & nothing to be worried about. I have learned that wisdom alone won’t bring that inner peace. We need to learn the skill of self-compassion. I can teach you the way.

    I work best with people who are committed to working outside the therapy room. As for me – I will do everything I can to get you through life’s moments as you begin to evolve. I will help cultivate a space for you to make whatever changes your heart is called to.

    Holding space with you as you address your history, relationships, trauma, vulnerabilities & so on, is an honor I take very seriously.

    I honestly feel I draw clients to me who are serious about addressing their lives. If you feel this is you, please contact me.

    Are you ready to take the first step?

    Education & Training...The stuff that makes me qualified:

    I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) in Washington State (#LW 60706394). I obtained my master’s from the University of Washington School of Social Work. My experience as a social worker includes being a State investigator for the Department of Health & Human Services. There I worked to reunify families & advocate for vulnerable children. From there, I transitioned to Emergency Department (ED) Social Work with both Swedish Medical Center and Catholic Health Initiatives where I conducted mental health evaluations, crisis intervention & discharge planning. Before I came to private practice, I spent about a decade in community service. I loved working with humans in all life circumstances, whether that be suffering from mental illness, addiction, poverty, homelessness, etc. I also found so much joy in community partnership with law enforcement, legal professionals & medical providers. I decided to venture into private practice when patients in the ED would ask if I could be their therapist after their discharge. While I will never forget my community work, my time in private practice has been the true calling of my heart. I love what I do!