Sadie Bingham, MSW, LICSW
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    Navigation the Money World Episode 168: Spiritual Friendship

    Sometimes, just sometimes, you get to have a conversation with one of your best friends and record it! This podcast is just a conversation about living and loving and trying to walk the spiritual path!

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    My Unpaid Therapist

    In this podcast, two best friends talk about the things nobody is talking about. The hope is that through the power of conversation we can encourage people to be vulnerable in their messiness & the sticky points of life.

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    Spiritual Bitches of Seattle

    “I am so in awe of this Spiritual Bitch and just how deeply we were really able to go. You’re going to hear some vulnerable shares and soulful insights that will make you so inspired and feel super connected. It was a pleasure to host Sadie and I cannot wait for more!”

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    The Money Sessions Episode 30: What To Do When You Lose 85% of Your Caseload Due to Covid

    “In this episode, we get to hear from three therapists who share their experience with Stepping it UP in a time of Covid-19, despite difficult circumstances.”

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