Sadie Bingham, MSW, LICSW
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    How to Help Someone Having a Panic Attack

    “Panic attacks differ from a typical fear response because there’s no actual threat involved.

    “The body is saying there’s danger, when in reality there’s none present,” explains Sadie Bingham, a clinical social worker who specializes in anxiety and provides therapy in Gig Harbor, Washington.”

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    7 Tips for Building a Daily Meditation Practice

    “Ever tried to pick up a new habit or teach yourself a new skill? You likely realized early on that daily practice was key to success. Well, that’s true for meditation, too.”

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    Everything You Need To Know About Using ASMR for Anxiety

    “ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, describes a phenomenon that produces a tingling feeling throughout your body.”

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    Why Moon Gazing Meditation Might be the Key to a Healthier, More Mindful Life

    “On most nights, it’s possible to look up and see one of the moon’s many faces. From harvest moon to blood moon, from crescent to quarter to full, the moon remains a familiar presence in the sky.”

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